654px-cutest_koala     It is my hope that you will have a depression, anxiety and mood management toolbox of healthy activities which promote wellness and good feelings.

Coping skills like anything else work better with practice. So Practice! Make it a personal goal in your life to develop useful, and enjoyable and effective coping skills.

I love how some are universal and some very unique to the person. Here are some of my favorites to get you started, but add adapt and borrow! Make your very own list!

  1. Eat something healthy daily and drink water so your mind and body are prepared to handle the stress of daily life! Do this every day!
  2. Smile and Laugh, watch a comedian, tell jokes with friends and family, laugh with others, it’s often contagious. Humor is amazing and a sure healer!
  3. Take a bath with Lavender and Epsom salt. Soak for 20 minutes to detox.  Make an  intention for the water to cleanse and let go of things you don’t need. Relax and add candles, music  or bubbles.
  4. Take a shower! Cleanse and redirect! If you like cool/ cold showers there are benefits to this. Look it up.
  5. Women: start a beauty ritual, anything that helps you feel feminine. Men: engage in some kind of grooming ritual.
  6. Organize something.
  7. Go outside, walk, move, and be in nature.
  8. Learn a craft, hobby, or master the ones you already enjoy!
  9. Play with animals or kids.
  10. Look at kitten or puppy pictures.
  11. Drink something hot! Hot and Warm or room temperature beverages are good for your digestive system. I love tea!
  12. Music!
  13. Make your bedroom a relaxing oasis. De clutter, clean and make it very comfortable.
  14. Be around people or help someone. Spend quality time with someone you care about.
  15. Read something you like.
  16. Nostril Breathing. This feels amazing and cleanses and centers you, try it. Close one nostril with finger, take 2 deep breathes in and out of the open one, then close and repeat the other side.  Relaxing and Powerful!
  17. Read positive quotes, one of my favorites!
  18. Watch ASMR videos on U tube, my favorite!
  19. Think Positive, make this a habit as often as you can!   I hope you enjoy these. Sometimes it really is the small things!
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