Getting lost in a good book is one of my favorite things ever!… I have loved the magic of reading since I knew how to read…. The smell of my hometown library, books feeling like my friends, falling asleep reading books,  the smells of my childhood books like the munch bunch series!! Oh the nostalgia! I love Books. They have always given me so much, like comfort, knowledge, and as we all know… knowledge is power!

Here are some of my favorite self help reads I would like to recommend and share with you! this is a sample of what I like to read in my own kindle!


  1. Spirituality... Animal Speak…the spiritual and magical powers of creatures great and small.  by Ted Andrews, if you are interested in learning about your own animal totem or how nature and animals are connected to us all check this book out!
  2. Relationships…..Beyond the breakup: Understanding your Ex boyfriend from the Male Perspective.  by Andrew Aitken…This book will help empower you to make healthy decisions regarding romantic relationships!
  3. Feminism…. The Second Sex (Vintage)…by Simone de Beauvoir-Chevallier,  A thought provoking look at women’s societal and personal roles in our lives and what it means to be a “woman”.
  4.  Food and Weight.….Susie Orbach on Eating….by Susie Orbach, a positive look at nourishing your body with no diets or food obsessions.
  5. Food and weight.Naturally Thin… by Eve Adamson and Bethenny Frankel,  This has no dieting or calorie counting, and rules such as “Know Thyself”, and “Your diet is a bank account”, and “Taste everything eat nothing”,  which I love!
  6. Career…. Getting Real about Having It AllMegan Dalla Camina,  This is geared to help empower you to set goals and make your mark in a balanced way that feels good to you!
  7. Fun and FunnyStirring the Pot ; My Recipe for Getting what you want out of Life…by Jenny Mc Carthy…. this is a comical self help book with a variety of fun reading!
  8. Single Women Reading… I feel thin today and other musings from a 30-something single woman…by Victoria Mc Irvin... a fun read, this is the type of book you stay up all night to finish!
  9. Assertiveness.…. Pulling your own strings.. by Wayne Dyer, this book is a bold look at learning that you cannot please everyone!
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