I attended a workshop a few years ago on DBT or dialectical behavior therapy. DBT is a set of skills used to treat anxiety, depression and other emotional problems life throws at you. I thought I would share the turtling skill today and some other ideas on how turtling can help you. If you feel a connection to turtles or any other animals look up their symbolism to give you ideas how the animal’s energy can help you in your life. This is called using an animal totem.

The following information has been borrowed and adapted from Moonshine-Consulting.com.. I often share this information with my clients so I hope you enjoy this !

I have always really liked turtles. Maybe it’s the way they go at their own pace in this fast paced world and still get to their destination. Even slow progress is progress so this teaches up patience and persistence.

  1. Turtles use a variety of strategies  to take care of themselves, they withdraw inside themselves and reemerge cautiously. They protect themselves through snapping and biting. They are adaptive by living in water and on land, let things roll off their hard outer shell, move slowly and intentionally and are persistently self righting. (moonshine-consulting.com.)
  2. When life turns them upside down, they use supports, family, friends,  professionals,the community and other resources to flip themselves over and right themselves once again.
  3. You can use a variety of turtling skills to help your life such as retreating inside yourself and reemerging when safe, going slowly and methodically, being mindful about how to invest time, energy and attention. Deflecting the judgements of others and let things roll off their hard outer shells (turtles) or Let things roll off your back, Being adaptive to your environment, turtles are able to live on land and water.
  4. Turtles are persistently self righting, they use their weight and environment to get themselves right side up and in balance even if this takes hours or days. (Moonshine -Consulting .com) worth repeating!

So what are some of the ways you could use turtling to help you in your own life when you feel turned upside down?

Other nature totem meanings of the turtles are: longevity, grounding, patience, survival skills, endurance and owning our own space and time


“slow and steady wins the race”

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