It has taken me years to adopt better eating habits, and it is still a work in progress but I have come a long way and I wanted to share ideas related to eating that are good for your mental health.

  1. 1. Everything is connected and what you put into your body matters. Food and Water Matters.
  2. 2. Stay hydrated, NOTHING should take the place of water… practice taking in a little more each day and you will feel so much better and flush out toxins. Pop and sugar drinks should not exceed one per day if at all. Water should be hydrating you! If you can drink one glass first thing in the morning before coffee or whatever, you will help flush the toxins which accumulate during sleep.
  3. 3. I love organic eggs. I feel they are a superfood! I add chives and salsa and a small amount of cheese.
  4. 4. Pay attention to how the food you eat makes you feel. If you feel sick or off or bloated your body is telling you something.
  5. 5. Do not eat close to bed. If I eat close to bed, I have poor quality sleep and just feel bad.  It is bad for your digestion and causes acid reflux. I know many people, myself included have eaten emotionally before bed. This is a work in progress.
  6. 6. Add healthy foods into your diet instead of trying too hard to eliminate your favorite or junk foods. I have learned that if I tell myself I cannot have something I want it more. So instead I add in healthy food, and the less healthy or junk food loses its power over time.
  7. 7. Make you own desserts. I love sweets. I grew up on them, and sugar is very addictive. But, over time I learned to make better and higher quality desserts.  Think better oils and better quality sugar or simple fruit. I am still working on portion control.
  8. 8. Take Vitamins and talk to your Dr. to approve them if needed,  and or other supplements you feel your body needs. I feel that since I have started taking a high quality vitamin I simply do not need as much sugar. Sometimes we overeat sugar because we are lacking nutrients and we keep feeding ourselves.
  9. 9. Look at labels. If a food has 5 grams of sugar or less it does not register in your body as sugar. So I aim for 10 and under most of the time if I can.  Every bit helps to cut back. Learn to look at labels. Educate and empower yourself.
  10. 10. Limit eating out…. then you know what is actually really in your food. And you can control the oil, sugar, salt and other ingredients much more effectively.
  11.  11. I hope these help you….again I am still working on this, but after years of trying I can truly say I have changed many of my old bad habits into small habits of health. If they stick it was worth it, even though it does not happen overnight!!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 

Hippocrates, 460 B.C.

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