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I thought I might share some of the insights and treatments I use with my clients inside of the office for helping to manage the blues.
Obviously we have all experienced depression or the blues at some point in our lives. There are varying degrees of depression and learning your personal symptoms is important.

You need to ask for help when needed, such as seeing your Dr. for a medication or a therapist for Counseling/Psychotherapy and or both.

The following list is not limited!

Know Thyself!

This is so important. Knowing yourself and increasing self- awareness about your personal depression symptoms is key to knowing what kind of treatment you need.
Do you sleep too much? Do you have increased irritability, anger, isolation, and just not feeling right? Are you self- medicating with drugs, food, alcohol, technology, or other unhealthy addictions? Are you increasingly sad, tearful, feeling hopeless, and have low motivation?

Pay Attention to Nutrition, Water Intake and Vitamins!

This may sound like a repeat of what you have heard before, but it’s so important. Our bodies are whole and connected. Our brains and physical bodies work together, Small changes make all the difference!

If my clients report eating junk food and drinking very little to no water, I am not always surprised to learn they are feeling depression. Know the root of the issue or you will miss the target! I know personally if I do not consume a certain amount of water in a day, I have a lower quality day and I do not feel good.

Dehydration causes depression. No, you do not have to give up your favorite beverages, but limit caffeine and do not use soda or coffee instead of water. And honestly ask your self if you drink enough water, You will feel much different if you start drinking water! I promise. I highly recommend hot tea! If you come to my office that is what I will offer you!

What are you eating? Certain foods feed our brains. Add in healthy fats such as avocadoes, organic coconut oil, nuts, seeds, and of course try just a few more fruits and vegetables. Choose whatever you like to start.
If you add lemon or lime to your water that is an awesome start!

How can you expect your brain to feel good and positive if it is nutrient deficient? Are you taking a safe amount of vitamin supplements such as Vitamin D? 20 minutes of direct sunlight or a supplement. Vitamin D is a healer.

Limit Sugar! Sugar negatively affects hormones and is addictive. Too much will negatively affect your moods.

MONITOR YOUR SELF TALK – This is a pretty simple idea of paying closer attention to what you are saying to yourself all day long. Would you talk that way to someone you love and care about? Ask yourself, Is this thought bringing me closer to my goals? Is this thought healthy? Is it really helping my situation? Practice this skill.

LOVE – Find something or someone to Love! Love is Healing! Love is Magic!

MOVE – Make yourself do something, get some oxygen flowing through your body and cells. Force yourself to think about something useful and move your body.

SLEEP – 10 hours a night is a super healer. How much do you get?

LAUGH – It feels really good! It is medicine. Use it.

HAVE GRATITUDE – Respect what you are going through, it is your experience, only you know how you really feel. Also do not forget suffering is everywhere, and right now there are people out there who are experiencing some of the same problems you are!

LOVE – Again LOVE! Think about this in a unique way, how can you add more kinds of love into your life or others lives? There is some magic in this…. so take the time to think about it.

Finally… Can you name one thing you completed today which is an improvement towards higher self-esteem? Just one?

“Learning is a Gift. Even when Pain is your Teacher”
–Maya Watson

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