So it is Christmas time again. Over the years I have adopted what I like to call a Minimalist Green Christmas.

If you love all the festivities and go all out, and that is what you enjoy…then by all means stick with all of your traditions,  but be  aware of the true cost…. to your time, energy, finances, stress levels, and overall peace of mind.

I think Christmas should equally be about what makes YOU happy,  and not just everyone else happy.

Here are some things I have done through the years to take my stress levels way down. The following are only ideas and you can add, adapt or borrow!   My hope for you is that your Holiday will become a time of unique celebration with less negative side affects.

  1. 1. Only shop for the kids. If you have any credit card debt consider telling friends and family that you do not want to exchange this year. Save money. Love them.  Cook something yummy for them and focus less on things! Save and reuse wrapping paper! Re-gift anything you don’t love.
  2. 2. Only decorate your tree. Lights and tons of christmas decorations can add to stress levels, clutter, and take hours to get out and put away. Spend it instead watching a Christmas movie or having hot chocolate and talking with your child or family.
  3. 3. Create new rituals that are your very own. Music and a Christmas breakfast can be fun! I used to attend a Christmas Brunch and it was memorable and very yummy!
  4. 4. Shop early! I personally do not like last minute gift anxiety.
  5. 5. Pay attention. Are you being controlled by the consumerism and the need for accumulating more? Decide to have a more eco-friendly Christmas and make it less about stuff and more about the feelings and experiences.
  6. 6. Go through your home and give gently used items to friends and family as gifts. One person’s trash can be another’s treasure!
  7. 7. Avoid the junk food. There are endless treats that are so tempting to make and eat! Make one or two treats only. Don’t keep junk food around you!
  8. 8. I have adopted many of the above minimalist ideas and watched my stress levels decrease. And I have learned that if people don’t agree it’s OK. I have to take care of myself first! And I will not apologize about that to anyone.
  9. 9. Understand how your moods are affected around the Holidays and be Kind to yourself. Are you more depressed? Anxious?  Do you miss loved ones, or feel pressure to entertain them?  Do you have unrealistic expectations or have you been programmed to believe what a “normal” Christmas should be?
  10. 10. Get help, change the moods and energy to try and stay upbeat. Avoid substances or overindulging in anything, food, gifts, spending. Less really can be more!I hope you can adopt one or more of these or just spend some time thinking about how to make your Christmas a little more Green, eco friendly, less stressful, more meaningful and what YOU want it to be!!  Peace of Mind is so worth it!


“ask yourself what is really important and then have the courage and wisdom to build your life around your answer

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